More pictures

I’ve been having a lot of fun taking pictures of the boys lately. Here, lemme share…

Oliver’s my little bookworm:

Linus also has a green thumb, apparently:


Miles blows bubbles!

and pouts:

All four of my boys:

Now this isn’t a picture I took, but it’s one of my favorite pictures ever. Ever, ever, ever. This is from my niece Emily’s birthday party. She turned three on Sunday.
Happy Third Birthday, Emily!

Oh, the drama!

I did it!

It’s the last day of November, and I blogged! Woo!

How about a few pictures from our weekend? I took a bunch!

Friday was Thanksgiving, part 2, at my mom’s house. The kids all napped while the adults ate. It was pure, unadulterated heaven!

My sister brought them back Yo Gabba Gabba t-shirts from the show they went to in NYC. Cute!


Saturday, we joined some of my sister’s friends as they tailgated before the LSU game. The boys had fun being boys.





While my niece liked rolling around in the leaves.

And then on Sunday, we went to the mall to do Santa pictures, but we all know how those turned out…

and afterwards, we took them on the carousel. The boys loved it so much, they threw tantrums when it was time to leave. Fun times!

Oh yeah, and today’s my last day for Cans for Comments. Let’s make it a strong ending!


So as it turns out, Miles really likes to be naked. Or semi-naked, anyway…

We went to my cousin’s wife’s baby shower yesterday, and to my mild dismay, Miles insisted on taking his shirt off halfway through. Why? Because he didn’t like being dressed like his brothers? (I dressed them identically for fun. Because it’s fun to confuse myself.) I think he just likes being shirtless. I’m raising a baby Matthew McConaughey, it seems.

Here’s the only picture I got of it…the brown polkadots belong to my sister, who was trying to catch the little monkey…

Other parts of the weekend involved seeing Emily for the first time since February. She’s hilarious, I can’t wait until the boys are talking as much as she is. It’s really freaking cute.

Not only is Emily really cute, she’s also a piano prodigy. Or something.

How freaking cute is this? Four little Yo Gabba Gabba zombie cousins!

Here. A closeup of three of them.

One more. I can’t help it.

My little Elton John:

Okay, that’s enough for now.

One year ago today…

Okay, I’m not going to be able to make interesting posts every day about what happened a year ago. I was on Day 2 in the hospital. Yeah, yeah. It was still a novelty. I got lots of visitors. I found out that the girl next door to me was having quadruplets. (Oh yeah, show me up, why don’t you? Ha ha!)

In up-to-date news, I am very excited to go pick up the boys’ birthday present from my mom today. She said it ws okay if we started using it a little early. It’s the Choo Choo Wagon! Oh man, this is going to be fun. I’ll be taking it to my uncle’s tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so all of my relatives can take turns pulling the boys around the block. I can’t wait to see them in it. Dang, it’s going to be cute!

Friday, I’ll be doing the unthinkable…shopping. I hope. I at least want to get to Babies R Us to stock up on diapers. They’re having a really good sale. Boxes of their brand for $10! So if you happen to find yourself in a BRU (or, god help you, a Toys R Us) on Friday, pick up a few boxes! Size 4 or up, please. Heh. Kidding. Sorta. I mean, diapers make a great birthday gift! Or wipes for $5! Man. Too good to pass up.

Today I ordered Emily and Ellie’s Christmas presents. I found a deal I absolutely couldn’t pass up. I hope they like their presents. Obviously, I can’t say what they are here, but just wait. The best gifts ever. Seriously. I think. I hope.

Picture post

I don’t have time for an update (not that there’s much to update about) so I’ll just post pictures!

(isn’t this the cutest picture of Emily?)
(look, my sister and BIL own “Snakes on a Plane”!
(and Married with Children?!?)

Apologies to anyone who has already seen these on my Flickr page. I promise I’ll take more pics this weekend – I’m taking the boys to the aquarium!


Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving week already? Can you believe I’m 31 weeks pregnant? I only have THREE TO FIVE weeks left! That’s twenty-one to thirty-five days, people! (Actually, since it’s Monday, it’s really 20-34 days.) No sooner than 20 days, though. No way.

Tomorrow I’m going into the office for a bit to do some work and then it’s the office Thanksgiving. Yum! I’m bringing a premade apple pie. Hope no one minds. At least it was fresh at the grocery store, not a frozen one.

And then Emily’s coming to visit, along with Jenny and Rob too. And at some point this week I’ll get to see Kristie…and Renny…and baby Chloe…and Maura…so fun!

Thursday we’re actually having Thanksgiving dinner at our house. And we’re doing the turkey. But don’t worry. I’m not doing anything except telling George what to do. I will not be lifting a 14 lb turkey! Mom and Jenny et al are bringing the rest of the food. Mmmm….

Have a doctor’s appointment on Friday. Uh oh. Day after a big feast. Thank goodness I’m supposed to be gaining weight!

Now it’s time for a bitch session!
– hands are numb and swollen. Be thankful for this post, it’s dang hard to type now.
– heartburn is evil. And nothing seems to help. Except Tums, but only briefly.
– restless legs are v annoying.
– I barely fit behind the wheel of my car. Ha!
– Knees are killing me.
– George laughs at me every time I try to get off the couch. Okay, I’m sure it is a comical sight, but hmmmmmph!

On the other hand, George is being so incredibly helpful and he won’t let me do anything, so I will let him get away with the laughing. :)

Now, for fun, I got around to posting the video from our first ultrasound on YouTube. It’s quite entertaining. :D


Oh yeah. Happy Anniversary to Jenny and Rob! I think. It’s either today, yesterday, or the day before. I’m terrible with dates.

Although I really shouldn’t be wishing my sister Happy anything after she sent me an evil, evil picture of Emily getting wrapped up like a mummy for her helmet. Poor sweet pumpkin, the picture looks like she’s being tortured! :(


So let’s see…lots to post about.

Had second appointment with new doctor. Still love him, am very glad I switched to him. Mom and Jenny and Emily came to the ultrasound. Emily wasn’t happy at first. This was my first hint of what a little piglet my niece is. But the cutest piglet on earth. But boy, when she’s hungry, you’d better have a bottle handy! I think that was really the only time she cried much, though. So she’s pretty easy to figure out.

Anyway, the appointment. I had to make Jenny and Mom cover their eyes whenever the u/s tech went near the gender bits. But funny story – the first u/s tech insisted they weren’t all the same sex. We were excited for a little while until the second (more experienced) tech informed us that yes, she firmly believes they are all the same sex. Oh well. They just like to keep me guessing!

Everything went well with the appointment. The babies look great (they have, and I quote “beautiful” hearts), my (ahem) cervix is in great shape, and my weight gain is good. (Heh. I still get a kick out of saying that.) Right now, I weigh more than I ever have in my whole life, and let me tell you, I’ve weighed a LOT. At least this time the weight is all in one place, and not in my chins, face, thighs, arms, neck, etc. The doctor said I’d probably go on bedrest in the next month or two, but it really depends on how I’m feeling. I hope that I can avoid it until, say, Thanksgiving, but we’ll just play it by ear. In any case, I hope to be able to work up til the babies are born. Thank goodness my job is pretty low-stress and my boss and coworkers are awesome. I can definitely do it from the comfort of my couch.

So after work on Friday, I drove to Baton Rouge so I could spend maximum time with Emily. My god, she is a cute baby. And she’s so blue-eyed and blonde and pink cheeked, it’s hard to imagine that she’s related to me. You should see the pictures of her with our cousin Molly, with her olive skin and beautiful brown eyes and thick, dark brown hair. You’d never believe they’re so closely related.

Anyway. The shower was on Saturday. It was so great, as usual. What could be more fun than opening lots of presents, especially when presents are teeny little outfits and toys and things of that nature? I also got a reeeeally nice diaper bag, which is definitely nicer than most purses I’ve ever owned. And there were tons of babies and kids there. I thought my feet might be spared from the onslaught of helpers, but alas, this was not to be. Between my cousin’s daughter and a friend’s daughter, I got pretty well trampled. But they’re cute, so it’s okay. Heh.

And the babies! Emily and Preston and Fletcher and Gavin and George – lots of playmates for the triplets! (I hope I didn’t forget any babies. There really were a lot there.)

Okay, this is getting long. So the shower was great. And then later that night we went to “watch” the LSU game at someone’s house. Of course, I don’t really watch football games, but I did eat a lot of chips and dip. And played with the aforementioned foot-tramplers.

Sunday was a brunch at my aunt’s house for my cousin Clark and his new wife. They got married on a rooftop, kind of on a whim, I think, and this was their brunch to celebrate. Yum. Cheesy grits. That’s all I gotta say.

That’s the gist of my weekend. I’m tired of typing. It was really fun. When I get pictures from people, I’ll post some….