My friend Mary is an uber-talented stationary designer. Stationery. One of those. She designed my beautiful wedding invitations that we didn’t get to use (THANK YOU KATRINA) and she designed the boys’ birth announcements, which were stunning. She is just awesome.  (She has an etsy shop here, if you want to see what I’m talking about.)

She’s giving away a set of wedding invites at her blog, you just have to go and comment and stuff. They’re so pretty! I would get married all over again for these. To George again, of course.

So go to her blog and enter the contest! Her company is called Paper & Ink Studio.

(And no, I’m not getting any kickbacks for this. I wish!)

(Actually, I lie. If you go and buy stuff from her, and you’re a new customer, I get 5 free personalized notecards with matching lined envelopes. I could use those. And the offer applies to you, too. If you get her some customers, you get free stuff!)

One thought on “Dreamy!

  1. I’ll check it out – looking for bday invites.
    But really I just wanted to say HI, and virtually squeeze the boy’s cheeks *** done!

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