Finally, some one-on-one time

Oh, I don’t mean between me and one of the boys, though I did get some of that on Thursday when Linus was “sick” and I had to pick him up from school. (He wasn’t really sick, he just said he felt like he needed to throw up, and therefore I got the call to pick him up. Later, he told me he drank too much water and that’s why his tummy hurt. Insert huge eyeroll here.)

No, this one-on-one time was with me and my mom. She claims I haven’t been to Baton Rouge without the boys since I was pregnant. While that is possible, it seems unlikely. I think I have been up alone one other time in the past five years and nine months. Hmm.

Most of our time was spent shopping. Woo hoo! I needed some new clothes for the fall, and if my mom wanted to treat me to some, who was I to say no? Rob her of that joy? That would just be mean. So I let her buy me a few things…


Obviously, getting a ton of new clothes is nice, but what was really great was hanging out with her and Larry without three screaming banshees running around. That may sound awful, but I’ll tell ya. It was relaxing.

And with that, I will leave you with this cute picture of baby Hank wearing one of the boys’ old onesies. Aw!