Loooong weekend

Man, that was a long weekend. I can’t even remember what we did Friday. What did we do? Hmmm…

Oh yeah. Daycare had a Fourth of July cookout at lunch, so I went for that. Of course, when I left to go back to work, the boys freaked out. Lovely.

Early Saturday morning, we loaded up the van and went to take pictures of some baby triplets from my triplet group. They were so cute and they were talking to me, and smiling, and cooing. Love it. I got some cute shots of them, but I’ve only edited one so far:


We left her house and drove directly to my mom’s, where the boys played outside and I attempted to relax. My kids are maniacs.



The next morning, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house for a little family party. My cousin, an artist, is in town for a show. I’d never met his son, who’s a year younger than the boys. I had fun photographing him, and the boys had fun fighting over toys.

My other cousin’s daughter, who is beyond adorable. She calls her grandpa “Bob”. I mean, that’s his name and all, but it sounds really cute coming from a toddler.



Also, we discovered Linus is quite adept at baseball. One of my uncles brought the boys a plastic baseball bat and some whiffle balls, and Linus was actually hitting balls my uncle was pitching! Okay, fine, he was about three feet away, but STILL!

That afternoon, a family who is expecting identical (they think) triplet boys came over to see mine “in the wild”. That was really fun, they’re good people.

We tried to get a group picture of the boys with their girls, but of course my kids had to act like goons.


We went back to New Orleans shortly after. I dropped the boys off at Granny and Grandpa’s, and George and I went to a party at the pub. He dressed like a monk. At least I got to shave his head in an amusing manner.


Monday was the fourth (in case you forgot), and after picking up the boys, we went to my friend’s house to swim. As usual, only Oliver enjoyed himself, so didn’t stay as long as I would have liked. Ah well. I was exhausted from swimming and being a shark and doing flips in the pool, so we just spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. And bribing the boys with some iPad time to take their monthly picture.

Enough holidays! They’re exhausting.