This is going to be the most fascinating post ever, in case you were wondering. But I’m trying to blog more, dangit, and therefore you are going to get a blog post about getting flu shots. I took lots of pictures, and so I shall tell the story through images.


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Fascinating, yes? I have to give the CVS Minute Clinic props for giving flu shots to kids. Walgreen’s won’t do it until they’re nine, and this is easier than going to the doctor’s office. And when I got mine, I didn’t feel it at all. It was kind of freaky. If my arm hadn’t gotten sore later, I would have wondered if I’d even gotten it.

Bring it on, influenza!!!! (I kid.)

It’s “Fall” so we went to the pumpkin patch


The boys are on Fall Break this week (don’t even get me started on this ridiculousness…I’m just lucky I work from home now, because this is bullshit for working parents) so I took today off so we could go to the pumpkin patch. I’d been eying the forecast for the past few days, and today was shaping up to be cool enough to make the trip and not be totally miserable.

The weather was gorgeous, as promised, but a bit warmer than I would have liked. I mean, is it too much to ask for the air to be crisp when you’re at a pumpkin patch? Of course, we’re in south Louisiana. I’m fairly certain it’s not a real pumpkin patch anyway. I could see the giant crates of pumpkins that they litter a field with, and it was pretty obvious they were shipped in from elsewhere. Never mind, it’s not like it matters. It’s a great place and I’m sounding very grumpy about it.

After the hour-long trip to get to the pumpkin patch, we sat down for our picnic lunch. I’d promised it was too chilly for bees to come out, but I was a lying liar. There were bees. Miles freaked out, wouldn’t eat. Linus sat calmly and finished his food.


After “lunch”, they milked a cow. Nature, man.


Then they went on the giant bouncy pillow thing.

Then they went on the zipline thing, but I have no pictures of that, because I was too busy trying to hold a rubber tire horse thingy in place and simultaneously lift a 50-lb child onto it.

Then they rode on ponies. Miles had words with his recalcitrant equine.

Then I saw a shady spot that would make a good background for a group selfie. I was right.

Photo Oct 14, 12 36 32 PM

Then the boys climbed all over the haystacks. That was fun. They cooperated for some group pics, they jumped from stack to stack, they played with other kids, etc.

At least I got a good group picture.
At least I got a good group picture.

When they were done playing in hay, they wanted to go down a slide. A slide with a puddle at the bottom. After Oliver ended up sitting in said puddle, he declared it a terrible day. Gee, thanks, kid. His brothers mocked his tears, which didn’t help much. We picked out some pumpkins. The selection was weak. Whatever. I had given up on photos by this point.

Before leaving, I told them we’d get drinks and a snack. Oliver and Linus picked Sprite (judge all you want, they never drink soft drinks) but guess what else likes sugary beverages? That’s right, bees. Again, Linus was like, “whatever” but Oliver was freaking out. I ended up throwing the can in the trash to the sounds of Oliver’s declarations that this was indeed THE WORST DAY OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Dramatic much?

Next year…grocery store.


A mini-makeover

The kitchen is done, and now our attention turns to the living room. It’s not terrible, I suppose. We got a new sofa from IKEA a few years ago, and as the boys have gotten older, their toys have gotten fewer, so it doesn’t look like Toy R Us vomited everywhere (just the LEGO factory.) But still, our “entertainment center” was a mess of wires and dust and functional but ugly furniture.

Before: So. many. wires.
After: Much better!

The unit is by Prepac and if you’ve put together IKEA furniture before, this will be no sweat.

I have more plans for this room, like re-painting and fixing the floors, but this is already so much better.