Dancing Miles

This afternoon, I got to watch Miles’s class perform a dance they’ve been practicing for a while. What might you expect from a class of first graders? Square dancing? Maybe a waltz or a line dance?

Betcha wouldn’t have guessed the Merengue, eh?

They performed twice, so I was able to take photos the second time around.

Since I’m going to Spain next month, I guess I’ll have to get Miles to teach me his moves. So I’ll fit in and everything.


One week to go

So I’m assuming this is the last year the boys are going to believe in Santa. I mean, I could be wrong, but either way, we’re in the home stretch. It’s hard to believe their childhood has gone so fast. I know that sounds dramatic, but not believing in Santa kind of seems like the end of that truly innocent childhood era and on to more cynical times. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

Anyway, one the boys had mentioned (I think it was Linus, and it’s indicative of this problem that I can’t remember exactly who told me this) that he didn’t want the same present as his brothers. It’s become habit to either get three of the same thing (so everything is fair) or three equivalent, coordinating things (three different video games, three different stuffed animals, three different books.)

But he wanted something different. Something just for him, (you know, now that I think about it, maybe it was Oliver) something that only he wanted, not something that his brothers got as well.

Case in point: my brother sent three gifts for the boys. Three completely different gifts, all meant to be shared amongst them. But when the boys saw three completely different packages under the tree, they decided they each wanted to pick one for themselves.

So I let them each claim one of the gifts, but it’s not exactly the same as choosing a totally different present for each kid.

But no problem, I can do that. That’s easy! I’ve spent the boys’ entire childhood trying to treat them like individuals. Most of the time, they weren’t dressed alike. They’re in different classes. They played different sports. But when it came down to knowing right off the bat what Oliver would prefer, what Miles would like, and what Linus would want. Continue reading


Pam Kocke:

They make robots so lifelike nowadays!

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We’ve been practicing our robot voices.

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Chasing around

Christmas card fail

I totally under-ordered. In lieu of ordering more cards (they’d have to be crappy ones to get them in time) I’ll post some more photos from the session we did with Christina Childress last month. (Dallas people, get her to photograph your family! You will not regret it!)

Well, there’s the one in my blog header. There are a few in a “series” that I absolutely adore. Giggling, happy boys. Natural smiles. Love!

And here are a couple more…

And here’s my new over-the-fireplace display, with a couple of the aforementioned pics of the boys. The canvases were from Groupon, so the color isn’t as gorgeous as they should be. Those will be replaced with better quality prints soon enough.

New display over the fireplace, thanks to @christinachildressphoto. ❤️

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(oh, and Happy Birthday Grandee!)

Moving day!

Yesterday I made the big move back to This blog has been on a journey. Started off in HTML, a file I’d have to open up every day (I think every month was a separate page back then), write my post, and then re-save.

At some point I moved to another platform, maybe rhymes with Shmogger. But in 2008, I grew up and moved my site to Yeah, so this isn’t my first rodeo on

Sometime in 2009 or 2010, I moved to a self-hosted site (wondering what the difference is? This will help.) and have basically maintained that ever since. But working for Automattic and helping out users day in and day out has made me realize the benefits of having my blog back here, so yesterday I moved it back.

Why would I choose over

Well, a lot of it is to do with community. When I tag a post with, say, “triplets” (which I am wont to do) anyone who looks up that tag in the Reader can find my posts about triplets. Or LASIK. Or whatever I’ve tagged my posts with. And they might start following my blog, and commenting, and becoming part of my blog’s community.

Or suppose I were to write a really excellent post. It might get Freshly Pressed. (I confess, this is a dream of mine.)

And of course, there is the amazing support I’ll now receive as a user of Look at all those fantastic Happiness Engineers that are now at my beck and call! Heh.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 07.49.32

Oh look! There’s me! I’ll just help myself then. :)


Screenshot 2014-12-12 14.03.29

Friday five

1. I am feeling somewhat, mostly better. Still haven’t heard back from my doctor about the results of my bloodwork, and since it’s now 2pm on Friday, I don’t expect to. I have a follow up appointment next Thursday. By which point I’ll be feeling ship-shape, I’m sure. Hmm.

2. I think I’m about done Christmas shopping for the boys and George. That’s always nice. I wrapped a few gifts and put them under the tree, so now we are all festive ‘n’ stuff.

3. Speaking of Christmas, Maury-Frank is still “at the North Pole.” The boys haven’t really mentioned him in a week or two (I planned on bringing him out the morning after the boys’ party, but I was feeling like crap, and I forgot, and no one seems to care) so I could probably just get away with leaving him “at the North Pole” (the top of the closet in the playroom) but I think George would be disappointed. So maybe I’ll put him out this afternoon so they can see him when they get home. Otherwise I’ll forget again tonight and this cycle will just continue.

I do suspect this is the last year we will be able to get away with the elf-as-behavioral-modification, so I may as well drag him out.

Screenshot 2014-12-12 14.03.294. At the beginning of the month, we had the New Orleans Moms Blog holiday gathering. It was pretty awesome, because we got a ton of great stuff. I’m really excited about my Mardi Gras scarf from Loomed (I’ve been wanting one for aaaages) and these glasses from Catstudio. So cute! Of course, I’m terrified to use them, I’m so clumsy.

(You can see everything we got here. And enter to win it all for another week!)

5. I forgot to post pictures of the Creeper lanterns I made for the boys’ party. Here you go. (I know, I should have made this a Friday Four post instead.) (Also you can see the banner I made for their first birthday.)



Remember in my last post how I was whining about a crafting injury?

Turns out, it’s probably not a crafting injury. Who knows what it is, frankly. Hopefully not something that would get me my own episode of Mystery Diagnosis. (Is that still on? I watched that obsessively while pregnant. If we still had cable, I probably still would.)

Monday morning, when I blogged about the birthday party, I was feeling much better. But then that evening, my knees were in agony. I couldn’t get off the sofa, much less go downstairs. It was awful.

Tuesday morning, again, I woke up and felt okay. Not great, my wrists still hurt, but not terrible. I was able to work for most of the day. I felt kind of dumb making a doctor’s appointment, thinking I probably was already almost over this, but I did anyway.


Lots of tests.

Chatted with the doctor for a bit, she threw out some possibilities, and I had bloodwork done. When I left her office to get the kids from school, I was still feeling reasonably good. But on the drive home, my shoulders started to ache. Turning the steering wheel was tough. And by the time we got home, I was again in extreme pain.

Did you know you use your shoulders a lot? I didn’t. Now I do. Even when you walk. So again, I spent the evening on the sofa, this time hardly able to move my arms. My left wrist was throbbing with pain, rendering my left hand useless. That was super fun.

Went to bed with some shiny new painkillers coursing through my veins, and with the aid of a heating pad wrapped around my wrist (don’t worry, I didn’t sleep with it on) I was able to grab a few hours of sleep before it wore off and I had to take another.

One of the theories my doctor proposed was parvovirus (aka fifth disease) which apparently sometimes only presents as joint pain in adults. So I might be suffering for a while – it can take weeks to go away.

After I left the doctor’s office, I suddenly remembered that I’ve been taking an antiviral four times a day for the last seven weeks. (I totally spaced on that when the nurse asked if I was taking any medications – oops.) So I looked up the side effects, and sure enough, one of them listed was joint pain. Of course, probably all medications list joint pain as a possible side effect. Nevertheless, I called my eye doctor this morning and he said to reduce the frequency to one time a day. Maybe it will make a difference. I really hope so. I’d cross my fingers, if I could.