I am not cut out for thisĀ 

A few weeks ago, I responded to a casting call for local identical twins about the boys’ age. Didn’t hear anything, forgot about it, no big deal.

But then yesterday, I got an email in the morning asking if the boys would be available for filming today. I called back the casting agent and was told the casting person from the other show gave her the boys’ pictures for this movie. Since I said they could be available, the boys were now going to be considered.

Since the filming was taking place the next day, they’d have to choose someone quickly, so I spent all day in a state of nervous excitement. I couldn’t even eat, could barely concentrate.

It’s just as well they never called. I could not do this all the time. Although I suppose it would be a good weight loss tool.

I don’t know if it’s okay to give too many details of what the movie is, but let’s just say:

– I’ve been binge watching The Americans and one of the stars is in it
– Alright alright alright!

The part they were up for involved holding on to Mama’s leg and crying, and I don’t know if Elizabeth Jennings would be wearing the skirts my children would take turns crying on, or that the dude in the Lincoln commercials would be their dad, but it’s cool to imagine it was.

But the state of nervousness all day was too much to take on a regular basis. The boys didn’t even know, so I don’t have to worry about their delicate egos being bruised, at least.

Oh, who am I kidding? This is the second time in their life we’ve been through this. I can handle it once every three years, right?


What bird is this?

The window next to my desk has an air conditioning unit on it. This side of the house gets full sun, so a long time ago, we put in the unit and installed film on the windows to reduce the heat. I tell you this because this morning, this gal/guy was hanging out on the air conditioner, just chilling and cooing.


I mentioned the window film because I am pretty sure s/he couldn’t see me because it’s reflective. So that’s handy.

I tried to get a video clip of the cooing, but while I was filming, Bird 1 flies off and Bird 2 is now holding down the fort.


This one has a very…”don’t let this guy drive the bus” look, don’t you think?


So I guess they’re pigeons? I suppose I could use something more reliable than a children’s book to identify it, hmm.

Other things also to blog about

Mmm, oysters.

Mmm, oysters.

Kristina and I tried out this new food market the other day before she went back home. We had some really delicious raw oysters, a cheese board, a salad, and a crepe stuffed with macaroni and cheese and pulled pork. I mean, yeah. It was good.

We also attended the boys’ school fundraiser on Sunday night. More good food, especially the brisket tacos from Taceaux Loceaux (the name annoys me greatly, but what can you do?) (PS It’s pronounced Taco Loco. I don’t know how obvious that is if you’re not from here.)


Entertainment at the fundraiser

I may have hit the open bar a few times, because by the time we left, I had a fancy bottle of wine from one raffle and I’d outbid everyone for some hair salon services in the silent auction. It’s all for a good cause, at least.

Sunday was a really big day, actually. Between the garage sale and the school fundraiser, we also went out to cheer on my friend Heather as she finished her first half Ironman triathlon!

Well, I should say we attempted to cheer her on. Thanks to some gross ineptitude by local organizers, the website said the race finished at City Park. But no, it actually finished several miles away at the lakefront.

By the time we finally go there, she had already finished. :( I was so upset about it, and really freaking angry at the organizers. I wonder how many other people missed seeing finishers?

The kids made a poster for her, and the adults made a few too.

The kids made a poster for her, and the adults made a few too.

On the bright side, I almost got to see fellow identical triplet mom Kim close to the finish line. You may remember me posting about her husband, who was killed last year in a training ride for this very same triathlon. She decided to train for it and race it in his memory. So inspiring.

(My friend Robin, also a mom of triplets, also finished it. I know so many kick ass women!)

IMG_1501In horticultural news, a couple of weeks ago, I planted some jasmine along our iron fence. We only have a side yard, so hopefully this will add some privacy as well as some beauty and nice scents. And probably bees.

And it’s already growing! I don’t know how much I am supposed to nudge it along the fence, but it seems to be doing okay. I guess it’ll be a few years before the fence is covered, but it’s fun to watch the progress now.

On the other hand, the Bradford pear I planted when we moved in eleven years ago has some weird black spots on the leaves, which also look like they’ve been eaten. I need to figure out what to do about that.

Remember when my friend Matt got very very sick about five years ago? Well, the husband of another mom of multiples is currently very ill with the same kind of situation. A flesh eating bacteria. Matt pulled through, and I’m confident Melissa’s husband will as well, but they can use all the positive thinking (and other support) we can send their way.

I remember Alicia saying that Matt did as well as he did because he was a rugby player, so big and muscly and solid. Melissa’s husband Josh is a police officer, so similarly brawny, so I think this is a good sign. Keep them in your thoughts.

Next week, the boys and I are headed to Virginia for Emily’s first communion. A plane ride with all three – hopefully I won’t get barfed on this time. Hmm.



This past weekend, we took part in our big neighborhood garage sale, but more importantly, the boys and some of their pals had a lemonade stand to raise money for their friend Ethan’s surgery.

I think it’s safe to say the lemonade stand was a success…they made over $300! Very exciting.

As a bonus, I got rid of a bunch of stuff. Kristina was here for a few days, doing what she does best. Organizing, convincing me I don’t need to keep back issues of Real Simple, etc, etc. I have to say, over the past few years, she has helped me keep the clutter down in general. I try to buy fewer “things” and find it much easier to let go of the unnecessary stuff.

You don’t even want to know how many bags of preschool artwork and worksheets I tossed. Don’t worry, I kept a few things. But I only need so many stick figure portraits of my children.


Bye tooth!

It’s been probably a year since any teeth have been lost, but at about 5:20 this morning, Miles woke me up to tell me his very wiggly front tooth was now gone.

When Linus lost his front tooth, there was already an adult tooth behind it (I assume because the tooth he lost had been damaged years before, somehow forcing the adult tooth to come in faster? Is that a thing?) so this is the first gap-toothed grin we’ve seen from the boys.